Sunday, June 2, 2013

Taiwan-Taipei 2


Day 2
We visited 淡水, Tamsui :) Its bit far from city center, so we caught the train in early morning :) We also went to 中立,the place where my aunty's friend, Angel stayed :) She treat us so well :) and she really like boss there, the way she drived and parked :O

with my mummy <3
 We had simple breakfast in a coffee shop :) and we met Angel (my aunt's friend).

淡水老街 :D
this is funny!
chill :)

cold drink is the best during hot weather!!
random :)
famous shop!!
Iron-hard Preserved Egg..
i dont really like it ;/

i forgot what this call..
but i dont like it :/

take a break before we cont!

super long ice cream!!
a small boat ride to 八里

lovely sisters :D



i love this place a lot!!
so relaxing :)

this is THE BEST 

didnt dare to try ;o

After spending half day in Tamshui, we took train back to Taipei :) I love Tamshui a lot, its very relaxing :) and is a good get away from the traffic and tall buildings :)

After some rest, we took another type of train, if not mistaken is 台铁 to the place Angel stay :)

we are sisters :)
but do we look alike? ;/

posting after bought drink from machine

中立 night market
nothing much

many little games
and of course SNACKS
We also went to a small music water fountain show

liang and his papaya milk shake!

important vehicles here

our 战利品 for these 2 days!
we changed our room
and this is the tv! so cute :)

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