Friday, May 10, 2013

Thailand-Bangkok 2


Day 3
We woke up ard 6am to prepare ourselves for Floating market, a famous and symbolic place in Thailand. Pea and her father came to our hotel and fetch us early in the morning! We stucked in the jam for more than 2 hours and finally reached the area! It is out of the city and really appreciated our local guides willing to fetch us all the way to there :) It also the first time for Pea to go to a floating market :)

There are two different entrance for the market, and we went to the side that Pea's father best friend used to grow up and stayed. This uncle is Pea's father secondary school and primary school mate! He is happy to see us because it has been some time since he and Pea's father met up!! He know almost everyone in the market, and he bought us some nice food! He sent us to ride a boat for free :) So glad to have them, made our trip much more convenient!

before we start out day trip!

so this is the float market!!

thai fruit super nice!

got to take photo with snake
strongly intro by the uncle :/

breakfast! tq for the treat!

nice food but abit spicy!

many stalls along the river!

traffic jam!

before we leave!

this is the best!

mango stick rice :)
After the float market, we went to the city-Siam Paragon, another big shopping mall.There are more branded shop like Mid Valley and the Garden. Here, I met up with other Thai friends that did the same exchange programm with me! Its bit strange because we were not that close in Swiss, but still nice to meet up with them. Some of them spoke German to me and I realised my german really became super bad!!! So embarrasing..haha :) We had lunch in a nice restaurant and thanks for the treat!

Really touched that so many of them purposely came to meet up with me, especially Dew came straight after school and Mook that came from somewhere far and just able to see me for 10mins :) Love you guys and sincerely welcome you all to visit Malaysia one day!!

so many of them came :D

Choc fondue :) they paid this too!
abit pai seh >.< but tq!!

a 38 friend of me-Mook :)
They accompanied me and my mum walked around :) It was kind of awkward because so many of them following us and we do not know what to do :| After around 2 hours, I said bye to them..hugged them one by one before we took the taxi back to hotel!

Really thanks all of them especially Pea and Fern spent a lot of time with us, showing us around.

took a rest before we go out again!
discover thailand by ourselves :)

After some rest, we decided to go out again, appreciate our last night in Thailand :) We went to Asiatique, a new tourist attraction, it is an open air mall with river view :) We took few trains and boat to reach there, the duration a bit long but was a nice experience to try out their public transport :)

I love the atmosphere at this place, so chilling :) So Europe style :) We had a great dinner in a seafood restaurant and did some shoppping! We were so satisfied :)

while waiting for the free boat service!

the free one is the normal boat..
without light decoration

so nice :)


many shops :) and price quite ok :)

the restaurant we had our dinner :)

tom yam gong! a must in thailand!

heart shape <3

my favourite thai food :)


Another tired and long day!! I enjoyed myself a lot and very happy :)
I think I really love travelling :)

Day 4
Last day in Thailand, we planned to have some simple schedule to enjoy ourselves :) We went to 7-11 to have simple breakfast, it was so nice! We went to Paradigm Mall again to do some final shopping and ate the Thai food we love in the food court :) Took our own sweet time :) Before we leave, we had a super cheap dinner at the small restaurant near our hotel :)

We reached airport early,Don Muaeng International Airport! The airport is not the main airport in Thailand, we had not choice but settled down at a small restaurant! Mum ordered a coffee, it was instant 3 in 1 coffee and damn expensive!! Mum kept complaining about it and insisted to sit there longer so it worth the price!

Almost time, we checked in and realised after the check in gate, the airport is super different!! There are Starbucks, Fuji restaurant, very nice souvenirs shop, rest area and nice environment !!! We were so regret to spend our time outside and wasted!!! :/

lobby of our hotel :)

waiting for taxi!

Hotel de Bangkok :)

full outfit from Thai :)

awesome dinner!

we asked the guard to take for us..
bit pai seh :p



after check in!

Anyway, overall I love Thailand a lot and I enjoyed the trip :) I seriously love how Thai treat the tourist and how helpful they are :) THANKS a lot to everyone that help us and treat us throughout the trip, feel so loved :) I will definitely come again :)

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