Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thailand-Bangkok 1


Day 1
During my first holiday of my university, I got a chance to visit Thailand, Bangkok with my dear mum :) I planned it since few month before and thanks Huai and Pea(my thai friend that I met during my Switzerland's exchange program) for helping me out for the planning.

On 18/2/2013, we took flight from LCCT. Due to the heavy rain our flight was delayed but luckily we brought along our Ipad and finished few episod of korea drama! We took the same flight with Huey Yi(a friend that went to Singapore study since form 2 and now staying in Thailand due to her father's occupation need)

this is what we do while waiting :)

she is so independent!

can see the cold air?

finally we are in the flight after long wait!

It took us around 2 hours to reach Thailand, and its already 11++pm local time! Luckily, Huey Yi's dad came to pick her up and offered to send us to our hotel :) We reached our hotel-Hotel de Bangkok,and had a good rest!!

Day 2
Early in the morning, my Thai friend, Pea and Fern came to meet up with us.Pea's father was the driver and her brother in the car too. It was a bit awkward for my mum and I but it was so nice to meet up with the long lost friends. Especially me and Pea, we were so close in Switzerland, we were schoolmates and met each other almost everyday :)

Bangkok's traffic was bad because their traffic jam is everywhere! Pea's father dropped us in a restaurant and I saw the trip advisor stickers on the wall.The restaurant is unremarkable and you will never notice it if you are a tourist without a local guide :) The food was nice but the hygeine was a bit bad..u can see rat running around >.<

while waiting..
my friend went to the wrong hotel!

pea and fern! they are so friendly!

of course! my forever travel patner!

the small shop :)

nice food!!

After the breakfast, we went to The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo (typical tourist place), it was a bit far from city center and I almost slept in the car.  The place was full of tourist and the weather damn damn hot!! We were wearing long pants because it showed the respect to the temple and its a must!

The architecture was really fascinating but the entrance fees was so expensive! 500 bahts per person :( My friends tried to bring us through the Thai resident lane, which is free entry but we failed to..maybe we too Chinese look..haha..the guard asked for our resident card and spoke a lot Thai to us..We were so nervous that time!

The architecture worth the price but I think I will only come here once in a life time :)

before enter!

so nice!

acting like a Thai :)

hehe! this is so funny!

group photo!

finally chill after 1++ h exposed under the sun!
After this, we went to the best shopping mall in Bangkok- Pratunam! Its a 7 floors mall with a lot of little shop, and all doing wholesale, you will get super cheap price when u buy 2 pieces and above!! There are so so so many choices, its really shopping heaven!! Before we start shopping, we had lunch at the food court in the mall, tried some typical Thai food, spicy but in love with them!

this so awesome!!

many teenagers came here for shopping!


The mall was really big, and I bought a lot of things :) It was bit awkward because my Thai friends accompanied us throughout the shopping but really appreciated how they spend time with us :) Around 4pm, they left us and we also tired from the long day and decided to have Thai massage :) Too bad, my thai friends didn't go massage so they do not know any place to introduce us!

We went to the information counter, and the guy on duty was so so so so so friendly! He can speak Mandarin and he checked the famous Thai massage place-Health Land for us through internet, and called, booked for us! He even wrote the address on a piece of paper and helped us to catch a taxi and bargained with the taxi about the price and location! Its a bit far than we expected but we reached the massage center on time :)

decoration at the lobby
this place so grand!

waiting for our turn!

room for only two of us!

this is the place-Health Land
First time to try on full body massage :) Enjoyed myself a lot despite the embarrassing moment when I required the woman to stop because I need to go to toilet :p and my mum snored loudly in between! LOL!

After massage, we got on a taxi and went to a restaurant the taxi driver introduced! We were so regret did not choose to go back to our hotel area directly because the restaurant was typical tourist type and simple local food very costly!!

We had a bad dinner :( and the Tuk tuk from the restaurant to our hotel was so expensive!! but we had no choice! Next time, will be smarter, leason learnt!
On the way back, we saw few streets with a lot of stalls, kind of like night market! and we decided to take a walk :) Ate the local fruits-super nice!! and bought some cheap stuff!

the environment was ok!

food so so only!

first time in Tuk tuk

Bangkok in the night!

Finally, around 11pm++ reached our hotel! We were outside more than 12 hours!
Tired, satisfied, happy day! We slept as early as we can, because tml my friends will pick us up and bring us to the float market!!

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  1. Your life is so happening! Hopefully more to come for you to experience and for us to read. :) Travelling really is one thing you buy that makes you richer!